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about TNM Academy

about TNM Academy

TNM Online Solutions Private Limited is entering the education sector with its next venture, TNM Academy, the first one of its kind, located in the heart of Kannur.TNM Academy is one of Kerala's most hi-tech professional-international concept institute for IT,Web Technology,Modern Business and Digital Marketing.The Academy offers an innovative educational experience through various professional courses and certification along with real time experience at TNM Online Solutions Private Limited, Asia's fastest growing web designing and web development company.With industry experts of more than fifteen years of experience ,TNM Academy is determined to bring out the professional in you by providing job courses instead of regular training courses.Supply,year back and year out is our least concern.We are focussed to create experts in Web Technology,Modern Business and Digital Marketing .Take your IT/Web Technology career to next level by joining hands with TNM Academy.

The backbone of TNM Academy,TNM Jawad ,one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in India,proves that age is just a number.He started his own company TNM Online Solutions Private Limited at a young age of 17 and now at 22 he has achieved another milestone, The TNM Academy .This web technology and modern business academy provides the best and advanced facilities to learn along with a working exposure with live client interactions .TNM Jawad's success story reveals that neither qualification nor age becomes a hindrance when there is genuine passion and dedication towards one's own interests .Jawad's Academy offers a platform to conquer your dreams.

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